Christoffer Hulthe | Sound designer 

| Currently employed at EA Ghost Games in Gothenburg, Sweden |

"If we had the space here at Foundry 42, we'd have snapped him up because he's clearly got a lot of potential on top of the talent he's already exhibited, combined with a strong work ethic. On top of all this he's a fundamentally good guy to have around, so I recommend him highly." - Lee Banyard, former Audio Director at Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen

Previz ambience concept        Gemini lh-86 pistol redesign

Previz ambience concepts/ideas for Star Citizen area Lorville. Designed during my internship at Cloud Imperium Games.

Unofficial audio redesign for the Gemini LH-86 Pistol in Star Citizen. Audio implemented in Wwise.

vo processing showcase         pure data - FM synthesizer


music recordings and mixes

Recording & mix

Smask i Piteå 2017

Live broadcast mix

Recording & mix

(Please excuse facebook’s compression algorithm, it’s trying its hardest)




Don't hesitate to contact me if you need a sound designer for either interactive or linear media, no matter the size of your project!